Alexandre Peraldi: the Small Universe, Big Free

Alexandre Peraldi is shyly sitting in the front of desk which was specially decorated as the Geneva watch workshop appearance, we can see her meticulous dress from the dark green lampshade, she seems like a prudent and emotional German. In fact, she was born in Chaumont, his inner contradictions has been reflected since she was a student; previously he graduated form the Ecole Boulle Art Institute, majoring in sculpture and enamel create professional; then she had a strong interest in high-tech research and development; his career started from doing accessories design form Cartier and Yves Saint Laurent, finally he chosen to be a designer director for the Swiss watch brand, Baume & Mercier.

Alexandre Peraldi

Alexandre Peraldi antique watches


Recently, with the Clifton series of Baume & Mercier world premiere, he talked about the watchmaking gold era and these things that a watchmaker should to do or not. She said: “ we are very lucky that we can go back to the past to discover a 1950 watch, but it is not the traditional antique watch, it is very modern.” the tactile and visual aspects can give me the inspiration, this is the design basis. As you said, the elegance of the fifties was more prefer to Baroque style, more dominant, more appealing; the modern elegance is more simple, deep, generous, adding a little bright spot or innovation is enough to attract people’s attention. May design followed the antique watches circular dial (absolute classic design), the watch sides adopted the double-bevel deign, let people wear it more comfortably.

Recommendations of the most classic watches

Recommendations of the most classic watches Patek Philippe, 5196

This patek Calatrava 5196 is to honor the former Ref. 96. Ref. 96 watch face’s plate characteristics are reproduced outside on the contemporary silver face plate, what’s more, three-dimensional- droplets-bead minute scale, Doyle pointer, and delicate small seconds, are classic prototypes. Famous brands have their own standards which have nothing to do with the quality but with the grade. Doyle pointer, and delicate small seconds are classic prototypes.

Jaeger – Le Coulter Reverso

In the past, European and American upper class people always loved polo, skiing, car racing and other strenuous exercise. But the watch was hard to withstand the impact of movement and men often complained a watch was hard to go through the game. In 1931, Jaeger – Le Coulter produced the first Reverso turning table. Turn the watchcase only with your thumb and forefinger gently, table mirror can flip over and show solid bottom to have shock resistance of movement. After the game, once again, gently, turn table mirror into original state.

In 1910, Rolex “eternal oyster”

This Rolex watch has the function of waterproof. Like most great inventions, Rolex integrate two simpleness and science and technology and invent a waterproof watch. At that time, most people thought it was superfluous, but it was popular in the world later. The first waterproof watch ads was launched in 1910, and sellers all over the world put this watch into water within the scope of every store to verify its waterproof function. After that, Rolex brand has since become the synonym of waterproof.

Antique watch collection lift boom

Nostalgia is the person’s nature, also is the beauty of human nature. As time goes by, everyone had good memories, and antique table witnessed it all. Seems to be in the yellowing white dial, is still in the drip – drip – drip on golden watch hand, to tell the story of the past, a warm and moving it spontaneously poured into the people’s mind, so as to arouse people’s hearts passing feelings for a long time. The watch is the symbol of fashion and prestige, put a piece of what kind of watch often silent surface and clear your identity.

Antique watch

The antique table as a heavyweight investing in art, from the mid 1980 s began to popular around the world. Prior to this, whether pocket watch or watch, just a timer, and all of the mechanical product class, every year, every year in the depreciation in the value of the drop. But all this happened in 1985 dramatic change, people is surprised to find that the United States New York celebrities hands wear up before world war ii class, and bring to fashion. So, this kind of nostalgic tide from theUnited Statesheaded toGeneva,Paris, andLondon… According to the auction record and operators sales data shows, the antique table the market price has gone up a third last year. Great appreciation of the potential for the world people sit up and take notice. From then on, global antique table collection hot so rapid rise of the wrist nostalgic trend began to flush and come.

Four tips for wearing wrist watches

 Wearing a decent watch not only enables you to quickly know the specific time but also can showcase your status and temperament. What’s the etiquette to wear watch?

1, types of wrist watches

Wrist watches can be divided into different types according to different standards.Generally speaking, most people distinguish them according to the price, such as luxury watches, high-grade table, low-grade table. These three prices are respectively above ten thousand, about two thousand to ten thousand, and below five hundred yuan. You can choose according to economic abilities.

2, shapes of wrist watches

Now more and more personalities are embodied prominently, so are watches.But sometimes wearing watches should choose according to different occasions. On formal occasions, the modeling of watches should be solemn, don’t be too weird and trendy, especially the elderly, unfavorable to choose too novel or too fancy watches. Under normal circumstances, the wrist watches can be round, oval, square, rectangle and diamond.

wrist watches for men

3, colors of wrist watches

Watches’colors for men can be monochrome, two-color, but had better not choose more than 3 kinds of colors. The color of the wrist watch is noble, elegant, clear, such as some gold, silver, black.

4, patterns of wrist watches

Wrist watch design should not be too complicated, generally, digital, trademark, name and brand are enough. It is not advised that the patterns of the watch is too weird.

The four key points of collecting antique watches

First, the appearance must be good.

You shall check whether there are cracks and complete accessories on the watches and the time is accurate. Besides, you shall choose the rare watches with unique style on which the jewelry, color painting or enamel are inlayed. The watches that are designed by famous designers are the best.

Second, check the watch hands are assembled with several forms of hands.

 Although there are many types of watch hand, the style and its appearance shall be coordinated. For example, if the moon-like, diamond and peach hands are assembled together into the watch hands in a watch, the watch will look like unnatural.

key points of collecting antique watches


Third, Check whether the watch shell is original.

You can judge whether the watch shell is original by the words on the bottom of the shell. The watch shell is made of different material. Some are made of golden, silver and metal, so the buyer shall know its materials before purchase.

Fourth, Check whether the movement is original.

Most of watch movements are carved by the name of manufacturer. On the early watches, the designers’s name will be put on the watch. On some movements, you can see various numbers that indicate the uniform specification. Some numbers present the year number of producing, which is helpful to the collection of antique watches

The collection of modern watches:both luxury and art

The collection of modern watches:both luxury and art

Watch for men, like jewelry for women, has a natural attraction. At present the most popular with consumers of luxury goods top three is: watch (34%), jewelry (19%) and art (17%).

In the secondary market, watch collection also hot. As the world watches the auction of the vane Christie’s and Sotheby’s [micro blog] [micro blog], in recent years in Hong Kong auction market clinch a deal have repeatedly break the world record of the world on fire. Especially in the background of art market overall decline this year, watch as one of a handful of inverse of city growth plate. On October 8, Hong Kong su fu is held than watch autumn clinch a deal over 120 million Hong Kong dollar, one of them has 12 complex functions of the da feili wrist watch platinum double dial, with 10.52 million Hong Kong dollar clinch a deal; On November 28, Christie’s in Hong Kong watch special hit a new high, clinch a deal the total 186 million Hong Kong dollar, Christie’s in Hong Kong since the establishment of the total turnover of the highest watch special auction, either one of the final, HKD 25.3 million da feili pocket watch a new record for the watch an auction in Asia.

The watch now, has been more and more like a work of art, each brand has its own history, in the design into a lot of art symbols. LikeLV, Hermes, dragon of the brand, have hired a lot of famous designers, every year a lot of fashionable new watch.


Knowledge in the identification of antique watches


The antique watch is one of the most important categories of secondary watches because of the two reasons, for one is its delicateness and the other is its rareness. The delicateness of antique watch is because it’s the precious heritage of three hundred’s years since invention and it represents one kind of art and culture. The rareness is because watches with craftwork as the main bulks are rare by themselves and the handed-down goods are very little.

What’s antique watch? Though when generally talking about antiques we use the history as the measure but due to the short history of watch, it is not necessary to trace back several generations like furniture glassware, so watch types that are no longer of continued production can be called antique watch.

antique watch

Back in the day it’s not surprising that watches become a kind of luxury because of the limitation of technological level, and it also caused the fact that the more refined the watch is the more reluctant that people will wear, and there are rare refined works now. So as agreed consistently by the folks that watches with large production and daily wearing and of good quality are becoming less, causing the creation of another business: refurbishing. The refurbishing technology is advancing with the times and those who have not paid enough will not master the fine skills. The pursuit for watch’s appearance has expedited the refurbishing and grinding technology and this business has also become the specialist of the antique watch market. The masterwork of refurbishing masters with superb technology is really a boutique and only those watch fans who have seen numerous watches can identify to some degree by comparing with the original works under ten times telescope.

Key works:Antique Watches


The Early Experience of the Savior of The Swiss Watchmaking


The biggest thank for Swiss watchmaking is Nicolas G. Hayek. Whether the large factories or small factories, they all have to homage to the late giant. After the Far East factory swept the market brutally and destroyed one by one Swiss watch fortress, his forward-looking and indomitable will made the Swiss watchmaking continue to move forward.

Nicolas G. Hayek was born in Beirut on February 19, 1928. His father was an American dentist, as a professor at the American University of Beirut; his mother was a Lebanese woman.

The effect brought by Nicolas G. Hayek for the whole watchmaking was quite large, he has created and rescued the Swatch, and revived the historic brands, such as Longines, Omega, Breguet and so on.

At before, he has served as the advisor of Germany Lei Genshi Fort distinguished Thurn and Taxis family, former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, the Helmut Kohl has invited Hayek to join a team of 17 people in 1995, responsible for the future research, technology and innovation of German and Europe.




Halloween theme of wrist watch attract people’s attention

Halloween theme of wrist watch

”bat man will join the Halloween and have fun with people together!”it is not true,just a vision from the editor.however,as the symbol in Halloween day ,bat will light the Festival atmosphere as well.what you should do is to have a Halloween theme of wrist watch to show your taste in particular,when you turn over the watchcase and show the symbol ,you will call the batman appear with words :Happy Halloween probably.Founded in 1931, Reverso flip wrist watch, had appeared in “batman” trilogy.

Therefore, 17 years ago, product launch back home carved lacquer paint batman pattern of the limited edition Reverso Grande Taille series flip wrist watch.
Now, in order to once again to dark knight salute, product home again introduced personalized custom Reverso flip wrist watch, watch back chiseled and paint draw legend bat the shield of pure steel Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931 large Reverso ultrathin flip wrist watch.
The case has reversed, the dark knight’s bat shield appear vividly appears.

The Bird Repeater of Jaquet Droz

Wholesale Wristwatches

Jaquet Droz launched the new Bird Repeater, to express respect for Pierre – Jacques – Rohe who loves birds and the brand founder of automatic device.

The brand said, this new watch will “advance watch-making a step”. Jaquet Droz takes two years to the development of this new watch, and this watch making is completed independently. After start the timekeeping device, the waterfall in the background as if flowing up; the shell cracked, pop out a eaglet and then the female birds began to feed it.
The dial of this watch is extremely rich in detail, the underlying background made of mother-of-pearl, the chasing and coloring is finished by hands; and the chasing and coloring of the surface birds and bird’s nest also are finished by hand. The watch will be on display in the exhibition of Basel Watch in 2013, it will price at nearly 50 million Swiss francs (about 300 million Yuan).